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Subscriptions are only open for sign up the 1-10th of each new month, so don't wait to sign up! Please review FAQ's below before signing up.


When will my kit be mailed to me? Kits are sent out between the 1st and 5th of each calendar month. When you subscribe, your payment will be applied to the following month's subscription box. EX. sign up today, March 1, 2022 and your first box will arrive in April 2022.

Can I cancel my subscription? Cancel anytime, no strings attached! If you've already paid for your invoice for the current month, when you cancel it will be applied the following month. Please keep in mind that if you cancel and want to sign back up in the future, you won't be able to access your original sign up price if the prices have gone up.

When will I be charged each month?​ The day you sign up and purchase the subscription is the day your invoice will go out each month. For example, if you sign up on March 1, 2022, your next bill will go through on April 1, 2022. PLEASE NOTE if your invoice is left unpaid, your subscription will automatically cancel after two days.

Can I subscribe if I live outside the USA?​ Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide a monthly subscription for those outside of the USA due to constant changes in international shipping fees. However, if you live outside the USA, you're more than welcome to subscribe to the PDF version of each monthly pattern!

Can I subscribe to both the regular kits and the Gilmore Girls subscription kits?​ Absolutely! Just add both subscriptions you want to your cart and you will be billed for both. Both kits will be mailed together each month (or emailed if you choose the PDF subscription).

Do you send previews of each month's pattern before it's sent out?​ Yes! With each monthly email at the beginning of each new month, I send a preview of the following month's pattern. That way you know what you're signing up for and you have time to cancel if you would like to do so.